Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Competition Results

Competition results are now entered on-line by our committee memebrs via the Timing Solutions Website called 'Results HQ'

timing solutions resultshq logo


You will need to enter in the email you used for the registration of the athlete as the logon, and use the password that was supplied from LAVic. This information may be located on the bottom of the registration reminder/confirmation email.

When you log in you will be able to see the athletes details by event, and clicking on that event will present further information. At this stage, we are working hard to try and extract information of the results in a format similiar to last year so that it is accepted by the local paper. The new system does not have the same options and flexibility as years previous, and so the club is working hard to try and have custom reports implemented. Please be patient and login to the Results HQ for current PB's and further results.