Sunday, December 03, 2023

Club Champions - 2011 / 2012


Congratualtions to the athletes. You can download or view the championship rounds scoring sheets here: How many points did you get!?

  Under-6 Boys   Under-6 Girls   Under-7 Boys   Under-7 Girls Under-8 Boys   Under-8 Girls      
1st Lochie Holman   Annie Hogan   Lewis Lubeck   Grace Barry Hayden Anderson   Grace Taylor    
2nd Oliver Munro   Olivia Pearce   Skaife Brock   Meg Ryan Alezander Eilliot   Annalise Rimes & Georgia Pearce  
3rd Isaac Joseph Hauser   Daisy Loughanne   Angus Murray   Orla McCarthy Harry Tennant   Bridget Hoskin    
Most Improved Lachlan Canty   Bridgette Andrews   Fraser Brown   Ashleigh Aldous Zac Andrews   Jessica Perks    
  Lincoln Smith       Jake Best        
    Hugh Smith        
  Under-9 Boys   Under-9 Girls   Under-10 Boys   Under-10 Girls Under-11 Boys   Under-11 Girls    
1st Ben Bath   Ella Barnes   Darby Davidson   Olivia Barry Sam Durham   Lucy Zotti    
2nd Gus Garner   Ally Black   Lachlan Aldous   Alice Loughanne Tom Garner   Sophie Locke    
3rd Jono Moore   Chloe Locke   Joshua Chanloup   Rani Curray Tom Wyllie   Isabella Simonelli    
Most Improved Baxter Reid   Emily Chapman   Charlie Pidoto   Charlie Brown Kai Furletti   Jess Hall    
      Courtney Fowler   Syd Voogt        
  Under-12 Boys   Under-12 Girls   Under-13 Boys   Under-13 Girls Under-14 Boys   Under-14 Girls   Under-15 Girls  
1st Gavin WhitFort   Maddie Moore   Joel Durham   Olivia Attard Harrison Lubeck   Danielle Whitfort   Keeley Goggin  
2nd Hume Hurley       Kayne Davidson   Shania Anderson Alex Rimes   Hannah Gilham    
3rd Dylan Hockley       Ryan Allison   Lauren Washington Patrick Andrews        
Most Improved Wyatt Deed       David Simonelli     Harry Rilen        
  Under-16 Girls                        
1st Isabella Morgan                        
  100m Handi-Cap Winners (Girls)   Grace Taylor   100m Handi-Cap Winners (Boys)   Hayden Andersen


      Athletes Membership Medals :Brayden Hall (Gold, 10 Years)

                                                    Bradley Allison (Gold, 10 Years)

                                                    Ryan Allison (Bronze, 8 Years)


     Junior Champions :                  Ella Barnes ; Hayden Anderson


     Senior Champions :                 Olivia Attard ; Harrison Lubeck


     Owen Lubeck Shield :             Harrison Lubeck










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