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Club Champions - 2010 / 2011


2010/11 SLAC Age Champions


  Boys   Girls
U/6 1. Angus Murray   1. Grace Barry
    2. Scaife Brock   2. Ashlyn Watt
  3. Hugh Smith   3. Ashleigh Aldous
  M/I Thomas Claydon   M/I Amelia White
  M/I = Most Improved athlete    
U/7 1. Hayden Anderson   1. Mia Clayden
  2. Alexander Elliott   2. Abbey Cook
  3. Angus Goode   3. Grace Taylor
  M/I Jonty Mann   M/I Bronte Tipping
U/8 1. Hunter Dowd   1. Ella Barnes
  2. Gus Garner   2. Chloe Locke
  3. Ben Bath   3. Paige Stewart
  M/I Matthew Whitfort   M/I Chantelle Washington
             Samantha Ribaux
U/9 1. Darby Davidson   1. Olivia Barry
  2. Lachlan Aldous   2. Alice Loughnane
  3. Syd Voogt   3. Rani Curry
  M/I Lachlan Wright   M/I Stephanie Calderwood
             Astasia White
U/10 1. Sam Durham   1. Lucy Zotti
  2. Tom Garner   2. Sophie Locke
  3. Felix Plunkett   3. Jess Hall
  M/I Ben Tipping   M/I Madelaine Pearce
         Toby Newman    
U/11 1. Hume Hurley   1. Jasmine Rowe
  2. Gavin Whitfort   2. Madeline Moore
  3. Dylan Hockley   3. Lily Aitkin
U/12 1. Oliver Aitkin   1. Olivia Attard
    2. Kade Armstrong   2. Shania Anderson
  3. Joel Durham   3. Claudia Cook
  M/I Ryan Allison   M/I Phoebe Elliott
           Georgia Tipping
           Annie Winter Irving
U/13 1. Harrison Lubeck   1. Anishka Perera
  2. Lachlan Watt   2. Sarah Winter Irving
  3. Alex Rimes    
  M/I Patrick Andrews    
U/14 1. Brayden Hall   1. Keely Goggin
  2. Bradley Allison    
  2. Julian Morgan    
  3. James Price    
  M/I Brady Davidson    
U/15 1. Jordan Hockley   1. Isabella Morgan
      2. Chene Clydesdale


Seymour club champions will be determined over three nights of competition, and will involve every event offered to the respective age groups over the course of the season.


To be eligible to win the championships, athletes must have attended at least half of the regular season competition meets (from date of first  registration)


Points will be allocated to athletes in each event, with the winner being the athlete with the highest total over the two nights.


1st Place 4 points

2nd Place 3 points

3rd Place 2 points

All other competing athletes receive 1 point.




Trophies will be awarded to four athletes at the conclusion of the season, based on four categories. Points are awarded throughout the season in each of these categories, which are –

                                                a) Centre records broken

                                                b) Event placings

                                                c) Personal best achievements

                                                d) Attendance


Awards will be presented to the male and female junior champions (U6-U8), and senior champions (U9-U15)




Athletics is not all about winning. The Seymour Little Athletics Centre encourages athletes to continually strive to improve. In recognition of this, an award will be presented to the athlete in each age group who has shown the most improvement over the course of the season.