Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Coaching & Training


Coaching is available to any athlete wishing to do so, and takes place at Kings Park on Monday nights, beginning at 5.00pm.

Presently, Seymour Little Athletics Centre has several qualified coaches. A range of these coaches will be available each Monday night to assist the athletes free of charge. Kelvin Lubeck holds a Level 3 Australian Track and Field certificate, specialising in sprints, hurdles, and jumps. Peter and Rebecca Bath, Julie Calderwood and have Level 2 certificates, covering all disciplines. There are also a number of Level 0 coaches within the centre.

The level 0 coaching course involves lectures and practical demonstrations over one day. Any person who is interested in completing the course should speak to one of the committee members for further information.

Officials courses are also available to parents who wish to further their knowledge of the sport. These courses are generally free of charge, and can be completed in your own home. Presently, Kelvin Lubeck, Julie Clderwood and Peter and Rebecca Bath,  are all certified Level 2 officials, and such, any queries in regards to rules, and the general running of events, can be directed towards them.